SnowGo Platform

Easy-to-use app software connecting users with verified service providers.



Snow removal, landscaping, lawn care, and more.


Revenue Model

Subscription-based access for service providers to use the SnowGo platform.


Investor Round Ends August 19, 2024

In-House Video Production

SnowGo’s in-house production team ensures precise brand representation and resonant storytelling. By internalizing production, we boost operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness while maintaining high standards. Agility is paramount; we swiftly adapt to market shifts and seize emerging opportunities. Integrated campaigns amplify our brand impact across channels, fostering customer engagement and loyalty. With data-driven optimization, we continuously refine content for maximum ROI.

Want to Invest?

SnowGo is poised to revolutionize the outdoor maintenance services industry with its innovative platform and scalable business model. Investment round ends August 19, 2024.

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